Busan, the NFT Port of Asia
2021.11.4 ~ 11.6 /
부산 BEXCO 제 2 전시장 1층 4A ~ 4C

Global Blockchain City, Busan!
Welcome to BWB 2022

BWB 2022, hosted by Busan Metropolitan City and sponsored by Binance, FTX and Huobi will be held at BEXCO for 3 days from Oct. 27th (Thu.) to the 29th (Sat).

With the theme of “Blockchain, City and Life”, as an extension of last year’s NFT Busan 2021,
BWB 2022 will feature conferences for the advancement of the blockchain industry and provide a space to obtain insight as well as to share information.
There will also be megadiverse programs including exhibitions and side events from blockchain companies, meet-up events,
famous artists’ NFT Art showcases, hackathons, and much more.
We look forward to your interest and participation.

Introduction of BWB 2022

Title BWB 2022 (Blockchain Week in Busan)
Date 2022. 10. 27.(Thu) – 10. 29.(Sat) 10:00~17:00
Venue BEXCO Exhibition Center 1
Main Program
  • Conference
  • Exhibition
  • Hackathon
  • Corporate Side events
  • Artist/Celebrity Special Exhibition
  • NFT Auction
  • Corporate Meet up
  • Game/AI/NFT Experience
Diamond Sponsors [BINANCE 로고] [FTX 로고] [Houbi 로고]
Platinum · Networking Party Sponsor [크릿토닷컴 로고]
Silver Sponsors [WEMADE 로고] [게이트아이오 로고] [디카르고 로고] [미디움 로고] [(주)GESIA 플랫폼 로고] [Gractor 로고]
Partners [고팍스 로고] [supernormal 로고] [바른손랩스 로고] [BNK 부산은행 로고] [청년과미래 로고] [샌드박스 로고] [ADF 로고] [바오밥 파트너스 로고] [ICONLOOP 로고] [와플스테이 로고] [블로코 로고]
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Planning Director [오퍼스파트너스 로고] [플래닝랩스 로고]