Busan, the NFT Port of Asia
2021.11.4 ~ 11.6 /
부산 BEXCO 제 2 전시장 1층 4A ~ 4C
NFT Auction
BWB 2022

Sell my artworks in digital, Buy artworks in digital!

Experience the artworks both online and on-site!
At the NTF Auction, collected original artworks and objects from galleries and companies will be auctioned.
We are waiting for many artists, companies, and galleries who wish to participate in the NFT Auction.


Title BWB 2022 - NFT Auction
Venue BEXCO Exhibition Center 1, Auction Stage
Program Art painting Object by companies and galleries
(*Meet the ARTISTS: Talk concert with 1 artist per day)
Number of each Auction Up to 15 pieces ~ 20 pieces of artwork per day, 90 artworks in total   (*Number of artworks is subject to change)
  • Operating Time
Date Operating Time
2022.10.27.(Thu) 3:30PM ~ 5:00PM
2022.10.28.(Fri) 10:30AM ~ 12:00AM
2:30PM ~ 4:00PM
2022.10.29.(Sat) 10:30AM~12:00PM
2:30PM ~ 4:00PM

Introduction of Artist’s Talk Concert

Date Operation Time Artist
2022.10.27(Thu) 3:30PM ~ 4:00PM Estelle SO, June Redthread
2022.10.28(Fri) 10:30AM ~ 11:00AM Sukwon Go, Ji Hun Lee
2:30PM ~ 3:00PM CEO of NWT (Artist : Jung Gi kim)
2022.10.29(Sat) 10:30AM ~ 11:00AM Ten Marina , Joydy, Miné.K
2:30PM ~ 3:00PM YoungHa Kim(Root), Payaso, RURIA