Busan, the NFT Port of Asia
2021.11.4 ~ 11.6 /
부산 BEXCO 제 2 전시장 1층 4A ~ 4C
Corporate Meet up

In BWB 2022, a Corporate Meet up program has been arranged for blockchain
companies who wish to introduce their company and services for 30 mins.

Companies who want to take the separate time to explain their company in depth are encouraged to participate.

Introduction of Corporate Meet up

Date 2022. 10. 27. (Thu) – 10. 29. (Sat)
Venue BEXCO Exhibition Center 1, Meet up Booth
Inquiries Secretariat of BWB 2022 (Tel. 051-747-2025 Fax. 051-747-2025)
Operation - One room will be arranged for 30 mins for each company
- Company IR to stakeholders and general visitors