Busan, the NFT Port of Asia
2021.11.4 ~ 11.6 /
부산 BEXCO 제 2 전시장 1층 4A ~ 4C

BWB 2022 - The Global Conference will be held for 3 days with the theme of "Blockchain, City and Life".

As a Global Blockchain Hub City, Busan is supporting the blockchain industry to build a K-blockchain industry ecosystem.
We are going to share experiences and promote further understanding of the blockchain industry through discussions with
Global blockchain cities, domestic and foreign blockchain companies, experts.

In BWB 2022 conference, important topics surrounding the blockchain industry
such as blockchain tech, application, ESG and regulation will be discussed.

WHY? BWB(Blockchain Week in Busan) 2022

Representatives from global blockchain cities will gather around Busan!
Representatives from USA, Switzerland, Dubai, Singapore, and Korea will discuss the present and future of the blockchain industry.

Meet with renowned global blockchain companies and digital asset exchanges from Korea and beyond in person.
BWB 2022 will surely provide a great opportunity to network with your peer companies and share insights into the blockchain industry.

Supported by Busan City and organized by private companies,
BWB 2022 is the only blockchain marketplace in the Republic of Korea.

BWB 2022 is an event with various programs supported by Busan City and organized by private blockchain companies.
*NFT BUSAN 2021 attracted more than 10,000 visitors despite COVID-19.


Title BWB(Blockchain Week in Busan) 2022 - Global Conference
Date 2022. 10. 27.(Thu) – 10. 29.(Sat) 10:00~17:00
Venue Conference Stage in Bexco Exhibition Center 1(*Busan Stage, First Mover Stage, Future Stage)
Agenda Blockchain, City and Life
Program Keynote Speech, 22 Sessions