Busan, the NFT Port of Asia
2021.11.4 ~ 11.6 /
부산 BEXCO 제 2 전시장 1층 4A ~ 4C

Opening hours

27th Oct(Thu), 2022 9AM ~ 5:30PM / Last entrance : 4:30PM
28th Oct(Fri), 2022~29th Oct(Sat) 10AM ~ 5:30PM / Last entrance : 4:30PM

Participation guide and fee

Invitation Invitation can be used per person per day.
Photos of Invitations without the real invitation are not permitted for entry into the exhibition.
Each invitation is numbered. If the number is duplicated, entrance is not allowed.
Pre-registration Free entrance for 3 days (Register before 23rd October)
On-site Registration Visitors: US $12 per day (Exhibition and Conference are all included)
Elementary/Middle/High school Student : US $4 per day
※The above amount is inclusive of VAT.


  • Regulations related to COVID-19, there may be a limit to the number of people entering the venue.
  • Parking will not be provided and a separate parking ticket must be purchased at the parking management office on the first floor.
  • The fee incurred in case of refund is the responsibility of the participant.

Registration Inquiry

  • Email : bwb@bwbusan.com
  • Tel : 051-747-2025